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Jul 18
The Best Online Language Courses for Travel and Volunteering

Introduction Are you getting ready to explore a new country or preparing for an volunteer activity with the European Solidarity Corps? Are you looking for free language courses online? Learning the language of your destination or having a good level of English can also make a big difference in how enjoyable and successful your experience […]

Jul 11
How To Find Remote Jobs | A Guide to the Best 5 Platforms

Introduction Finding remote jobs has become a dream for a lot of people who are looking to enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re seeking a better work-life balance or exploring the digital nomad lifestyle, there are a lot of websites that can help you find the perfect remote job. […]

Jul 05
ART ME UP | A Story of our Youth Exchange in Ligonchio, Italy

In April 2024, a group of 35 young people from Italy, Denmark, France, Greece, and Poland gathered in the snowy town of Ligonchio, Italy for a Youth Exchange focused on using art as a tool for self-expression, stress relief, and improving mental wellbeing. ART ME UP | Youth Exchange The exchange, which took place from […]

Jul 04
Opportunities for Under 18 | Volunteering and Exchanges Abroad

Introduction Volunteering abroad can be a life-changing experience, even for young people under 18. In the past articles we talked about opportunities for those aged 18 and over, but there are numerous opportunities specifically designed for minors. In fact, these opportunities allow them to immerse themselves in new cultures, develop skills, and make a difference […]

Jun 27
Volunteering Abroad Opportunities for People Over 30

Introduction Volunteering abroad could be the enriching experience that changes your life. In our previous articles and on our website, we frequently highlight experiences funded by the European Solidarity Corps, which caters to individuals aged 18 to 30. Nevertheless, there are numerous other opportunities aimed at people of all ages. These opportunities allow you to […]

Jun 20
How Many Times Can I Participate in the European Solidarity Corps? New Rules 2024

Introduction The European Solidarity Corps 2024 (ESC) is an initiative that allows young people across Europe to engage in meaningful volunteering projects, internships, and solidarity projects. It offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, make a positive impact, and connect with like-minded individuals from different cultures. Since this year, some rules regarding the functioning […]

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