An Art Contest for Young People

A new art contest is available for young people to prevent and address dating violence.

Children First is a project funded with Erasmus Plus under the coordination of the IARS International Institute.

Gender-based violence is a widespread problem.  While policy and literature on the issue are slowly growing, “dating violence” amongst children and teenagers remains largely under-researched and unaddressed.

The Project

For this reason, the aim of the project is to educate school children (aged 12-18) in order to prevent and address dating violence from an early age by undermining gender stereotypes, norms and roles that are the main causes of dating violence.

The path that the project addresses to reach its goal goes through five different lines:

  • Evidence base and best practice;
  • Training programmes;
  • Online educational games;
  • An informal network;
  • Awareness-rasing campaign.

The Art Contest

Among the initiatives, the project addresses an art contest for young people 12-18. They are looking for creative and artworks, capable of represent your own interpretation of a such delicate and theme, being teen dating violence.

These expressions can take various forms, as long as they can be made accessible in electronic form, and must fit one of the following categories:

  • Images (e.g. paintings, graphic illustrations, comics, photography etc.);
  • Videos (e.g. audio-visual collages, short theatre, musical performances etc.);
  • Texts (e.g. poems, tales etc.).

How To Participate

The participant must be:

  • 12-18 years old;
  • from all over the world.

The participation to the art contest is free of charge. The participants have to fill in the online registration form and upload the artwork in digital format by 31st May 2021.

Check out the guidelines before submission (available in English, Italian, Greek and Lithuanian).

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