Be Europe | What it Means To Be a Young European in 2022

As part of the European Year of Youth 2022, the initiative Be Europe is a spotlight on the young people living in Europe to understand what does it mean to be a young European in 2022. Each month Be Europe goes live on Twitch, YouTube and Spotify, carrying out interviews to young Europeans about their mobility experiences and other generational topics.

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You can follow it live stream on Twitch at 16:00 CET.

Be Europe

Each episode focuses on a different European country. Starting with Lithuania (Episode 1), going on with Romania, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, and the last one streamed about Switzerland. The others will be coming after the summer break!

Listen to the episodes:

  1. Lithuania | Vlora and Harry interviewed Paulius, a young guy from Lithuania and talked about alcohol and drugs reduction and prevention among young people
  2. Romania | Vlora and Harry interviewed Andreea, a young girl from Romania and talked about mobility experiences, how to find out about them, how to verify their authenticity especially in the world of social media
  3. Latvia | Vlora and Harry interviewed Brigita, a young person from Latvia and talked about  mobility experiences, sustainability, recycling and lots more
  4. Spain | Vlora and Harry interviewed Jose’ Juan, a young person from Spain and talked about mobility experiences, Erasmus+ projects, European Identity, multiculturalism, inequalities and lots more
  5. Czech Republic | Vlora and Harry interviewed Markéta, a young person from Czech Republic and talked about mobility experiences, volunteering, European Identity and diversity
  6. Ireland | Vlora and Harry interviewed Orla and Aleesha, two young Irish and talked not only about mobility experiences but also address the topic of multiculturalism and mixed identities
  7. Switzerland | Vlora and Harry interviewed Maya, a young Swiss person and talked not only about mobility experiences but also address the topic of how difficult is to choose a career path when you’re young, inclusivity, diversity and LGBTIQ+

And stay tuned for more to come!

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