EU Traineeships for Young People

As you might be aware of, the European Union opens the call for traineeships usually twice a year (depending on the hosting institution) for young people (up to 30 years old) to spend a period of minimum 5 months in an European Institution.

The features of the traineeship vary on the basis of the institution and the department of assignment. Generally speaking, there are traineeships for administrative roles and others with a focus on translation activities. Being selected for an EU traineeships guarantees you the chance to live a valuable experience, both personally and professionally. Plus, it lets you experience an international workplace and meet other young people from all around Europe.

At this page, you can always check on the available traineeships at the European institutions. Let’s have a glance through it to point out which traineeships are open at the moment.


  • Interpreting Traineeships at Court of Justice of the European Union / Luxembourg / 10-12 week / Apply Here
  • Traineeships at Court of Justice / Luxembourg / 5 months / Next starting traineeship: October 1st 2021 / Apply Here
  • Court of Auditors / Luxembourg / 3, 4 or 5 months / Next starting traineeship: May 1st 2021 / application opening soon / More Info
  • Traineeship at European External Action Service / Delegations around the world / 6 months / Apply here
  • European Economic and Social Committee Traineeship / Brussels / 5 months / Apply Here
  • European Committee of the Regions / Brussels / 5 months / Apply Here

Information About the Traineeships

Each year, around 1,900 young people get the chance to increase their professional skills, develop their personal qualities, and enhance their EU knowledge through the EU trainee programmes. This means that the process of application is quite long, with a high rate of participants (with thousands of young people applying each year) and it is not easy to get in. But don’t be discouraged! If you do not pass the selection, keep in mind that you can redo the application for the next session few months later!

Most of the EU institutions organise traineeships for young university graduates, so be aware that commonly you need at least a Bachelor Degree to apply. Other experiences, such as volunteering, active citizenship activities, etc., are of great value when applying.

Depending on the institution where the Traineeship takes place, there is an official language that you need to know at a B2-C1 level. Usually the working language is English, but it could be French, for example in those institutions based in France.

All the Traineeships are paid. The level of your pay depends on the country of assignment.

The Application Process

Take your time to go through the application. Try to be as precise as possible and do not do it in a rush. The information to give while applying are many, so make sure that you have all the documents at hand. Do not undervalue the motivational letter, as this is your calling card.

Before applying, make sure that you have registered to the EU Login. It will save you time later!


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