EURECA Call for Participants | Training on Networking and Support of ESC Mobilities

Title of the project: EURECA: EUropean Recognition, Evaluation, Certification and Assessment
Applicant: The GloRe Network
Type of project: Mobility of Youth Workers – Training Course / Networking Meeting
Action: Key Action 1 – Erasmus+ Programme – Programme Countries
Period and venue: 10-16 September ‘22 in Ligonchio, at Ostello dei Balocchi (you can land in Milan or Bologna)
Main Themes: ESC networking, volunteers’ recognition through Youthpass, GloRe and other certification systems, mentorship and learning support of ESC volunteers
Participants profile: 1 staff member working directly with ESC incoming volunteers and 1 ESC mentor.

To apply, fill out this questionnaire by June 30th, 2022, and contact us at [email protected]


In 2017 several non-profit organisations founded an international network called “The GloRe Network”, with the purpose of fostering the development of innovative ways of recognition of volunteering. The Network currently counts on over 40 members from Europe, Turkey and Latin America. In March 2020 we launched The GloRe Certification System that enables volunteers to assess 25 soft skills and get the certificate. The System was created as a result of two Capacity Building in the field of Youth and 2 EuropeAid project in the last 5 years. The GloRe Network is willing to involve more volunteers and NGOs all over the world and therefore we designed this project.


  1. Network on ESC opportunities between trustworthy partners
  2. Share good practices on recognition, validation and certification of volunteering experiences
  3. Train participants on how to use the The GloRe Certification System and define together how GloRe with Youthpass and ESC training cycle
  4. Exchange methodologies on volunteer tutoring and mentorship, in particular related with certification
  5. Create new projects and partnership between partners and involve new organisations to become part of The GloRe Network.

Preparation Tasks

  • Presentation of your ESC activities
  • Present good practices on volunteering certification, mentorship and support you use
  • Take part in a Technical Training that will be organized either right before the training either during the training itself.

Follow-up tasks (in the 6 months after EURECA TC)

  • Try to use GloRe with min. 3 ESC volunteers
  • Train on methods and on GloRe min. 5 youth workers/mentors from your or from other NGOs.

Travel costs and fee

Food and accommodation will be 100% covered. For travel costs we will refund on the basis of distance calculator. As we decided to implement the training not anymore in Milan, but in a remote area, the hosting costs are reduced. For this reason we don’t have anymore a membership fee. Nevertheless, to reach Ligonchio we will rent a bus from Milan passing by Reggio Emilia (for participants landing in Bologna), that will have a cost of 50€ per participant, that will be deducted from the travel costs reimbursement. So for example, if you have 275€ according with distance calculator you will not pay any fee if you spend 225€ or less.


The activities will take place at Ostello dei Balocchi. Participants will stay in double or triple rooms with toilet inside. The food will be provided inside the venue.


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