European Youth Week: 24-30th May 2021

The European Youth Week is taking place from May 24th to 30th. A whole week of events and information for youth over Europe.

“Our future in our hands”

european youth week

The theme of this year is “our future in our hands”. The occasion sees the running of events and online sessions for young people, as “Future is created now and you have the power to set up goals and contribute to initiatives on how to make things better“.

The European Youth Week will be also the event to present the new Youth Programmes 2021-2027. Among them, the Erasmus Plus Programme and the European Solidarity Corps Programme. Such initiatives provide an opportunity for you to engage in society, contribute to green causes, face the future challenges with digital skills and be more inclusive and open towards diversity. Sounds familiar? Those are indeed the strategic priorities of the Erasmus Plus Programme and will play a main role in future projects.

The Role of Young People

The European Youth Week is, needless to say, the occasion for young people to take action and play an active role. You can get to know more about new EU funding opportunities or raise your opinion about the processes that matter to you. The event that runs for a week allows you to share your opinion, discuss relevant topics for young people, showcase EU opportunities in the field of youth and celebrate success stories.

The event goes under the supervision of National Agencies for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps and the Eurodesk network.

The Events

As already mentioned, there are several events going on, online and in presence. You can check out which events are the nearest to you. So far, 288 events are taking place in 23 different countries, with over 32,000 participants.

You can also take action and submit your own event.

Ask Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel is the Commissioner for Youth and Education. She will be the one answering any question may arise on the following topics:

  • The new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes 2021-2027: are there opportunities for everyone?
  • Strengthening young citizens’ engagement in decision-making, especially during Covid pandemic and how new programmes will contribute to enhance participatory culture.
  • Do our new programmes embrace  sustainability and how they encourage organisations and individuals to step up green practices?
  • Is Europe ready for digital age and how new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes will drive digital transformation?
  • How the new programmes will contribute to post Covid recovery and building resilience?
  • Test your ideas for increased democratic participation.

You question(s) must come in a video format, of a maximum 30 seconds. And you can then send it either:

  • With a post on social media: Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #EUYouthWeek
  • or by email to [email protected].

The deadline for submission is May 30th 2021 at 00:00 (Brussels time).

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