GloRe: Online Training of Multipliers For Volunteers’ Mentors and Coordinators

“GloRe Recognition Certification Network”
Online Training of Multipliers for Volunteers’ Mentors and Coordinators
Online (Zoom and Canvas) / 21st-31st May 2021



A new online training course will take place on May 21st-31st, hosted on Zoom by Associazione di promozione sociale Joint. This training course is up to 20 participants and recommended for volunteers’ mentors and coordinators. The purpose of it is to learn about GloRe Certificate Platform, the global platform to recognise the soft-skills acquired by international and local volunteers.


The Training of Multipliers

GloRe is the certificate platform developed to provide volunteers worldwide the possibility to get an informal recognition of the soft-skills acquired and shown while volunteering, either to international or local volunteers. This training is part of the Capacity Building in the Field of Youth funded by Erasmus+ “GloRe Certification Network” and will provide the participants with the more important competencies to use the certificate platform and to support the learning process of their volunteers.

The training will be online and consist of various activities based on non formal education methodologies with the support of interactive online tools. Moreover, in between the sessions (see the attached program) participants will have to follow 2 online training modules through Canvas. The methodologies used during the training have been already used for in-person training on this subject in Latin America in the framework of GloRe Certification Network Capacity Building.


The Schedule

The working language will be English.
The online training will be following the schedule as displayed above:

glore training


On Zoom and Canvas Platforms (online). The training needs a good internet connection, using a computer (not via cellphone) and the possibility to use google tools (Jambord, Google Drive etc) and other interactive tools (paddle, mentimeter etc).



The training course will be on the following dates:

  • Friday 21st May (10am – 1pm CET)
  • Monday 24th May (10am – 11.30am CET)
  • Wednesday 26th May (10am – 12pm CET)
  • Friday 28th May (10am – 1pm CET)
  • Monday 31st May (10am – 1pm CET)


The project

The training of Multipliers is part of “Global Recognition Certificate network”, a project funded by Erasmus+ Programme (European Commission – EACEA-KA2 Action), Capacity building in the Field of Youth.

It aims at boosting the development of the formal network of organisations that use the GloRe Certificate System and to increase the quality of the Certification System. In this framework the 14 project partners, 7 from Europe and 7 from Latin America – Joint (Italy), Rota Jovem (Portugal), My Small Help (Peru), SVI (Belgium), Grenzelnos (Austria), Jeunesse et Reconstruction (France), Brujula (Spain), Team4Youth (Romania), Bolivia Digna (Bolivia), Voluntario Global (Argentina), ICYE Brazil (Brazil), Vimex (Mexico), Fundacion Bolivar Education ( Ecuador) – developed, in cooperation with many other NGOs from Europe and Latin America, the new version of the certificate system.


The platform

It is a certification platform that allows both international and local volunteers to receive a certificate with the recognition of the soft-skills they acquired while volunteering. 

The latest version of the platform, launched in March 2021, enables users to get a certificate either in English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. The volunteers have the possibility to go through 26 e-learning modules, that help them in assessing their level in each soft-skill (the ones certified by the platform). Plus creating a short dossier about their learning. At the end of the process the host organisation will validate the certificate, taking responsibility for approving the information on it. The platform is complementary to the Youthpass and provides volunteers with a flexible and reliable certificate, while investing a few hours on it. The certificate has international recognition by the members of The GloRe Network international community and by several educational and public institutions.


The GloRe Network

The GloRe Network is the umbrella organisation that overviews the correct usage of the platform and the memberships. Other organisations need to become members of it in order to use the certificate platform.


GloRe Training Selection Criteria

A maximum of 20 participants will be part of the GloRe Training of Multipliers. The minimum requirements to participate are: 

  • Have a relevant volunteer management role, or being a volunteer tutor
  • Represent an organisation active within the field of volunteering, education, youth empowerment and interested in using the certification system;
  • Be able to understand and contribute in English
  • Be able to participate in all the sessions (see program)


How to participate

Fill out this form by May 17th 2021. We will contact you for a short interview or confirmation, and to finalise the selection.

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