9 months agocompleted


We want the European Union to finance and help create a governing board for the European Commissioner consisting of 56 members from 28 countries (2 people from each country)


The UK, Hungary, Italy, Romania


We would like to highlight the importance of youth participation and how the more we participate and gain political awareness the more educated the Youth become on serious topics while also giving direction towards politicians and where funding should go to or be invested in. In order to create the right strategic plan to tackle youth unemployment within Europe on a pedantic level, we first of all must reach out to the big university/charities to help with our selection. We will give them the criteria and what we expect from the right person to fill this position and do it to a great standard in order to create actually change. The second step would be to create a democratic system amongst the selected to vote for who should be the main speaker on behalf of the “The Youth Union”. Presenting all the countries issues in a presentable way which explains in detail what is going in these countries what the actually struggles are and how we can present solutions that they can implement allowing us to have better futures We understand not every problem can be solved but with the right direction from the right group of people we can make enough small steps to make big changes. We would like to make government officials aware of these issues we face as young people on unemployment as we decide our fate and we should have a say in what gets invested into us.



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