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S.A.L.T.O. Youth is the online platform that serves both young people and organisations. Indeed its purpose is to keep them up-to-date on the latest online training, courses and webinar offers, plus toolkits available for good practices.

As we all know nowadays trainings and courses might be hard to take on site. For this reason  organisations all around Europe keep on displaying them online.

We have summed up the very latest online training and webinar offers for youth. All of them are available on S.A.L.T.O. Youth and accessible for free. An online training could be the best chance for you to learn and improve your knowledge on a chosen topic. These online trainings have the support of experts and people already working in the youth field.

Moreover these trainings, courses and webinars often give you a Youthpass for participating. Such Certificate is then useful to boost your CV. Let’s a have a look.


  • Combating Antigypsyism and Multiple Discrimination in Roma Community (APPLY HERE)

20 April 2021 | Online, Germany
Deadline for application: April 17th
Topic: analyse the reasons and manifestation of the Antifypsyism, combat the scapegoating and hate against the Roma, reflect on the role of civil society in tackling Antigypsyism, particularly through making coalitions, develop empathy for those experiencing discrimination, create a better understanding of what multiple discrimination is and how it affects Roma women, LGBT; young Roma etc.

  • Anxiety is your friend – Free Webinar (APPLY HERE)

9 April 2021 | Online, Netherlands
Deadline for application: April 8th
Topic: A webinar about how can we react to anxiety, or to other’s anxiety – as youth workers/trainers/educators esp. during this pandemic. The purpose of the webinar to educate and discuss in a safe space with humour and ease even about difficult or taboo topics

  • How do I construct my IDENTITY? – FREE WEBINAR (APPLY HERE)

12 April 2021 | Online, Netherlands
Deadline for application: April 11th
Topic: Who am I? What does identity mean? This webinar aims to bring awareness on the concept of identity (theories and research) and to explore how this knowledge could be applied in our work with young people and people who live abroad.

8 April – 6 May 2021 | Online, United Kingdom
Deadline for application: April 24th
Topic: The RESOLVE: Life After Brexit Online Dialogue Activity is a skills development & dialogue focused activity where young community change-makers and local peacebuilders can share views and develop skills in order to shape the future of their communities.

Training Courses

  • Creative Leaders for Peace. Online training on leadership and innovation in peacebuilding (APPLY HERE)

7 – 16 May 2021 | Online, France
Deadline for application: April 20th
Topic: A 6-day training course to empower you to become a leader and active change-maker in your society. We will create a personal and group projects to enhance your skills and transform your community. Every participant will get a certificate at the end.

  • Ubuntu Leaders Academy – Digital Edition for EUROPE (APPLY HERE)

8 May – 5 June 2021 | Online, Portugal
Deadline for application: April 16th
Topic: Are you making a difference in your community? Do you want to grow your leadership skills to become part of a global network of changemakers? Applications are now open for the Ubuntu Leaders Academy for EUROPE.

  • ENVIRON.MENTAL 2 Weeks Coaching Programme (for people who live abroad, ESC volunteers and youth workers) (APPLY HERE)

15 April 2021 | Online, Netherlands
Deadline for application: April 13th
Topic: Environ.Mental is a 2-week self-exploration program designed for people who live abroad, ESC volunteers and ESC mentors. The goal of the program is to support the participants to discover their raw self out of cultural differences and self-image changes.

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