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Jul 05
ART ME UP | A Story of our Youth Exchange in Ligonchio, Italy

In April 2024, a group of 35 young people from Italy, Denmark, France, Greece, and Poland gathered in the snowy town of Ligonchio, Italy for a Youth Exchange focused on using art as a tool for self-expression, stress relief, and improving mental wellbeing. ART ME UP | Youth Exchange The exchange, which took place from […]

Jul 04
Opportunities for Under 18 | Volunteering and Exchanges Abroad

Introduction Volunteering abroad can be a life-changing experience, even for young people under 18. In the past articles we talked about opportunities for those aged 18 and over, but there are numerous opportunities specifically designed for minors. In fact, these opportunities allow them to immerse themselves in new cultures, develop skills, and make a difference […]

Jan 25
Youth Exchange: Active Minds | Testimonies of participants

From 7th to 14th December 2023, we participated in the youth exchange Active minds: empowering youth through movement, organized by the nonprofit association Outward Bound Croatia. Young people from four different countries – Estonia, Greece, Ukraine and Italy – took part in the exchange. Since it was an intercultural exchange, the stay was full of […]

Dec 21
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs | The EU Programme

Introduction Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program funded by the European Union that allows young individuals to collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs. This programme lets new or hopeful business owners learn from experienced ones in different countries. New entrepreneurs spend time with these experts to gain skills for running a small business. At the same […]

Jul 20
Join AGORA! | Young Feminist Summer Camp

Introduction Join “Agora”, the summer camp organised by “The European Women Lobby”, a project that aims to bring together young feminists from all over Europe to Brussels for a 5-day gathering to discuss and explore feminism and learn from each other. The summer camp will take place from 4 to 8 September and all travel. […]

Jan 05
Youth Exchange “Representation matters”: The Representation of Minorities in Media

The project #Representation Matters aimed to guide young people to reflect and discuss the use of stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination in national and European media. Youth Exchange “Representation matters” For 10 days, 45 participants from 18 to 30 years old from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Romania worked together on the topic of minorities […]

Oct 18
“Design your ideas” – one week to become a youth entrepreneur

Design your ideas – one week to become a youth entrepreneur “Design your ideas” is an international exchange, hosted by Associazione No Borders, based on social entrepreneurship.  From the 21st – 30th September, 39 young people from 5 European countries (Portugal, France, Italy, Lithuania and Romania) met at Belvedere Marittimo (Italy) to work together on […]

Jan 04
Hate speech: a old, current, battle

Hate speech, online and offline, is as a moral as a political issue. It, indeed, questions the limit between freedom of speech and crime, between the possibility to say whatever you want and the negative effects this will have on people around you. Sure, it is not just a our days problem and actually in […]

Dec 27
Fake news: ready to take up the challenge?

Disinformation, fake news and access to reliable information are a very huge concern for the European Union. On the one side, fake news influence electoral behaviour; on the other side it is like very difficult to convince people of the falsehood of those news, even with facts. This is what we learn from a report published […]

Nov 22
What does Youth Exchange mean?

WHAT IS A YOUTH EXCHANGE? It is not easy to describe what a youth intercultural exchange is because it is a subjective and changeable experience. Its real added value is the people that take part in the exchange itself. These people are changing constantly. It is a unique opportunity to grow and widen your knowledge […]

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