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Feb 23
Traineeships at the Council of the European Union

Each year the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) offers 4 types of traineeships at the Council of the European Union: paid, unpaid, traineeships reserved for students of national administration schools, and special programmes for trainees with a disability. The Council of the European Union The Council of the European Union is one of the […]

Feb 16
Climate Science Olympiad 2022

The Climate Science Olympiad 2022 is a student competition to find solutions to climate change. Learn, solve, act – the slogan of the initiative, that wants to bring together young people from all around the world, and make them take action against climate change, proposing solutions to real climate problems. First launched in 2021, the […]

Feb 09
5 Useful Tips When Looking For A Job Abroad

Working in another European country sounds fascinating and challenging at the same time. When it comes to looking for a job abroad there are many considerations to start with, even before actually searching for job positions and vacancies. Find your way around is not easy, but don’t feel discouraged. We have come up withe 5 […]

Feb 03
Contribute To The EU-Africa Partnership

The EU-Africa Partnership is on the table to be discussed in Brussels on 17th and 18th February 2022, by European Union leaders and Africa Union member states. This round will be the 6th European Union – African Union Summit, and it involves also the first edition of the Africa-Europe week, to which young people, civil […]

Jan 26
BlueBook Internships At The European Commission

Twice a year, the European Commission offers 5-month paid internships in its Directorate-Generals, agencies and bodies. The traineeships at the European Commission (Blue Book Traineeships) are a great opportunity to gain experience in a field of choice, while working in an international workplace in contact with policy makers. The European Commission traineeships take place mostly in Brussels, […]

Jan 12
DiscoverEU Results Are OUT!

We have spread the word about the DiscoverEU initiative and introduced the information on how to apply for it, to get your pass and travel across Europe for free. Now we are happy to announce that the DiscoverEU results are out! DiscoverEU: Expand Your Comfort Zone DiscoverEU is an initiative of the European Union based […]

Dec 23
European Solidarity Corps Online Training: 4 New Courses

The European Youth Portal has just released 4 new courses to attend under the Online General Training on the European Solidarity Corps. The Online General Training on the European Solidarity Corps is open to anyone already registered to the Youth Portal. It is a free resources tool, a training dashboard to learn more about ESC and how […]

Dec 15
10 Ways To Work While Traveling

Keen to travel the world while traveling? Not sure where to start from? We have found for you 10 ways to work while traveling, a challenging but beautiful way of living, that enriches you as a person and let you meet people, cultures and places out of your comfort zone. In 2020 many people turned […]

Dec 09
New EU Aid Volunteers Projects Open

We introduced the EU Aid Volunteers initiative long ago, as such projects are now part of the European Solidarity Corps Programme and receive same funding as ESC projects. Moreover, the new EU Aid Volunteers projects opportunities are now out and available for application! Let’s refresh some information, shall we? EU Aid Volunteers Projects The EU […]

Dec 03
Erasmus App Tips Competition

Have you dowloaded the Erasmus App yet? If not, hurry up! There’s the Erasmus App Tips Competition for you. The Erasmus App The European Commission launched, back at the beginning of 2021, the ErasmusApp. The mobile app is a free tool to discover the Erasmus opportunities abroad. Thanks to it, you can plan your Erasmus […]

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