Category: youth policies

May 17
The Gender Equality Forum | Call for Youth Participation

Introduction The Gender Equality Forum is an engaging event that brings together individuals to address the EU’s most urgent gender equality issues. People can join online or in Brussels on December 10-11, 2024, to talk about the future of gender equality in the EU up to 2030. The European Institute for Gender Equality will pay […]

May 09
European Elections 2024 | What You Need to Know!

Introduction From 6 to 9 June 2024, many Europeans will help decide what happens next in Europe during the European elections. Elections take place every five years and the last ones were held in May 2019. It’s a special time when we can all work together to shape the future of the European Union. Voting […]

Apr 18
Interreg Volunteer Youth | Cooperation Across Borders

Introduction The Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) initiative provides an exceptional opportunity for young people seeking to make a positive impact on our world by collaborating on solidarity efforts. Through cooperation, IVY volunteers, in partnership with local stakeholders, confront the various challenges facing Europe and its neighboring regions. Together, they strive to identify and implement collective […]

Apr 04
Youth4Climate | Call For Solutions

Introduction Youth4Climate (Y4C) and its partners announce the launch of the 2024 Call for Solutions! It’s widely recognised that young people play important roles in making big changes to tackle climate issues. They act as negotiators, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and drivers of change. However, they often lack the necessary resources and support to achieve their […]

Mar 07
Young European of the Year Award 2024

Introduction The Young European of the Year award is a project with the aim of rewarding young Europeans aged 18 to 26 who have shown great dedication to making Europe peaceful, diverse, and welcoming to everyone. The prize includes 5,000 euros for a six-month job placement with a member of the European Parliament or another […]

Feb 15
Ban Unpaid Internships | The Open Letter

Introduction Groups of people who work together in society and organisations that represent workers have come together to sign a letter asking the European Commission to support a strong plan to ban unpaid internships and make sure they are good quality. They want interns to be paid fairly, enough to cover their living expenses. Young people […]

Feb 01
European Year of Youth 2022 | Communication from the EU Commission

Introduction The communication about the lasting impact of the European Year of Youth 2022 is finally approved! The European Commission Communication emphasises the importance of youth in EU policies. It introduces 60 actions aimed directly at young Europeans to empower them and let them have more influence on EU policies. When making policies, the European […]

Jan 25
TogetherEU | Promoting Democracy and EU Elections

Introduction Explore TogetherEU, a project led by the European Parliament, focused on encouraging as many people as possible to participate in European democracy. It specifically aims to boost votes for the 2024 European elections. On the official website, you can be part of a community that aims to make democracy meaningful and promote the European […]

Jan 18
Blue Book Traineeships | Work In The EU Commission

Introduction Would you like to work in the European Commission? Discover the Blue Book traineeships, an EU initiative to give young Europeans the opportunity to practice in various areas of work in the European Parliament. Twice a year, the Commission offers 5-month paid traineeship. There are two types of internships: one focused on administration one focused […]

Dec 14
Recommendation on Minimum Income | The EU Initiative

Introduction The European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan presented a proposal to the Council regarding the establishment of effective minimum income schemes across the EU. This initiative aims to assist Member States in creating a well-balanced approach to income support and access to services for individuals in diverse situations and with different needs. The […]

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