Re-imagine Democracy | “D.E.M.O” programme


Are you interested in expanding your skills in community organizing, democracy, facilitation, political gatherings, political artistic creation and podcast and video production?

Find out how to apply to “D.E.M.O.” (Democracy, Elections, Mentorship, Organising) a programme by European Alternatives.

By participating you’ll be able to connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating positive change. You will be able to learn new ways to promote honesty, leadership, self-awareness, equality, and diversity in your communities.

The “D.E.M.O.” programme 

During the project the participants will receive expert training and mentoring to develop leadership, technical, and theoretical skills.

They will also have the opportunity to put these skills into action by conducting two activities in their own countries, making a real difference in the communities.

The training course will be divided in two online trainings and two in-person bootcamps.

The online meetings will be:

  • September 2023: a meeting between the selected participants for peer-to-peer learning and skills sharing
  • January 2023: implementing actions for change in your own communities and prepare for the program in Slovakia

Two inperson bootcamps:

  • in Bulgaria (November 2023): you will get to know the other participants and discuss how to build trust, relationships & community. There will be workshop sessions led by inspiring activists in the role of Podcast Producer, Artivist, Video Influencer, Community Workshop Facilitator
  • Slovakia (February 2024): discuss about the experiences and the results obtained in the community thanks to the lessons learned during the training course

Eligibility Criteria

European Alternatives is looking for 50 change-makers:

  • with no specific age requirement;
  • citizens or residents of the following countries (but not limited to): Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Sweden;
  • people who want to expand their skills in: community organising, facilitation, political gatherings, political artistic creation, podcast production, video production.

More Info

During the second part of the program the participants will get the opportunity to organise two activities for their own communities. Before and during that they will receive group and individual mentorship support.

Here are examples of activities previously done that you can get inspiration from:


Apply here until 30/06/2023 and visit the official website of the European Alternatives for more information.



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