Schuman Internships


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Schuman Internships in Figures

2 sessions a year are held to ensure participants have regular opportunities

1000 traineeship positions available per session

per month


Your Next Career Boost with Schuman Internships

The Schuman internships, also known as Schuman traineeships, are prestigious opportunities offered by the European Parliament. These internships are designed to provide young graduates with a profound understanding of the EU’s legislative and policy-making processes.

As a Schuman intern, you will have the chance to work in various departments of the European Parliament, depending on your interests and academic background. 

Schuman Internships

Benefits of Schuman Internships

This hands-on experience will not only enhance your understanding of European policies but also equip you with critical skills such as research, analysis, and communication.

It provides a monthly stipend to help cover living expenses. The program typically lasts for five months, offering a comprehensive and immersive experience. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to network with professionals and other interns from diverse backgrounds, enriching your personal and professional life.

Participating in a Schuman internship offers numerous benefits. You will:


How to Apply for Schuman Internships

To apply for a Schuman internship, you need to meet certain eligibility criteria. These include holding a university degree, being proficient in one of the EU’s official languages, and having a keen interest in European affairs. The application process involves submitting an online application, including a CV and a motivation letter.

Schuman internships are highly competitive, so it’s essential to carefully prepare your application and highlight your relevant skills and experiences. If selected, you will embark on a rewarding journey that could significantly impact your future career.

Explore the Schuman internship opportunities today and take the first step towards a promising career within the European Parliament.

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