Symposium on Youth Navigating Transitions

The symposium on Youth Navigation Transitions will bring together European youth field stakeholders to encourage dialogue and reflection on the needs of youth research, youth policy and youth work to support young people’s aspirations in the changing realities.

The initiative is the result of a partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe, toward the effort of encouraging the participation of young people.

Symposium on Youth Navigating Transitions

On 21-23 June 2022 the Symposium will bring together between 100-120 participants to reflect on what paradigm shift is needed in youth research, youth policy and youth work to support young people’s aspirations in the realities changed by the Covid-19 pandemic and related measures.

The objectives of the events are:

  • address and explore the impact of Covid-19 on youth transitions to autonomy, including, but not limited to: transition from education to employment, from being sustained by their families/care institutions to financial and economic independence in a new household, from being to having children/forming a family;
  • reflect on how to adapt traditional youth policy and youth work approaches in supporting active participation of young people, their engagement with societal concerns such as anti-racism, environment and climate change, precariousness and inequalities, as well as (re)defining connections and community;
  • contextualise youth transitions in the context of Covid-19 but also other crises impacting transitions to adulthood (e.g. economic, financial, mental health, etc.);
  • examine and reflect on policy measures needed to support young people in their transitions to adulthood;
  • share good practices of effective and successful youth policy interventions in the context of youth transitions and the impact of Covid-19;
  • connect actors working on these themes, from within and beyond the youth sector, to continue, develop or innovate in relation to that work.

How to participate

The European Commission is looking for a variety of actors from the youth field to participate in this event: young activists and their organisations, youth work practitioners, policy-makers and implementers, researchers and specialists from other fields supporting young people in transition to autonomy and adulthood.

To participate fill out the application form by April 24th.

All travel and accommodation expenses are covered.

For any questions and queries related to the Symposium: [email protected].

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