Time To Move: Discover the Opportunities Abroad

Eurodesk has launched the initiative “Time To Move”, to let young people discover the full range of possibilities and opportunities abroad. Every year in October the board organises the Time to Move campaign to inform young people about:

  • studying opportunities;
  • volunteering projects;
  • internship opportunities abroad.

And to help them find the most suitable programmes for their personal and professional development.

Discover ways to experience Europe.

opportunities abroad


Opportunities Abroad

Time to Move is a collection of online and physical events all over Europe during October. The activities are organised by Eurodesk experts who can give you personalised guidance on international opportunities. It provides a frame to a wide range of activities that always focus on bringing European opportunities closer to young people. Participants can choose from regular information sessions in schools, at fairs or during festivals, to more unique events such as mountain-hiking, tree planting, board game evenings or concerts.

How To Participate

The official website of the campaign is available in 19 languages and allows visitors to browse through events via an interactive map and to enter the contest with a few clicks. Visit the page at timetomove.info or find Eurodesk on Instagram to follow the campaign and stay updated on the latest developments.


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