Volunteering Abroad Opportunities for People Over 30


Volunteering abroad could be the enriching experience that changes your life. In our previous articles and on our website, we frequently highlight experiences funded by the European Solidarity Corps, which caters to individuals aged 18 to 30.

Nevertheless, there are numerous other opportunities aimed at people of all ages. These opportunities allow you to embark on a voluntary work abroad at any time in your life.

Whether you’re passionate about humanitarian aid, want to enhance your skills through training courses, or exploring new countries with a working holiday visa, there are diverse opportunities awaiting you!

If you’re over 30 years old but still motivated to volunteer, read on to find out what opportunities you can apply for!

European Solidarity Corps Humanitarian Aid

Unlike the classic European Solidarity Corps (ESC), the European Solidarity Humanitarian Aid Corps is open to participants up to 35 years old.

This initiative provides EU citizens (18-35 years old) with the chance of contributing to international aid projects outside of Europe.

This programme focuses on disaster relief and community support, offering participants

  • comprehensive training,
  • a living allowance, and
  • insurance coverage.

The best part is that, like the ESC programme, the EU Solidarity Humanitarian Aid programme is completely financed by the European Commission. Participants receive

  • food,
  • accommodation,
  • reimbursement of travel expenses,
  • private medical insurance, and
  • a monthly pocket money for personal expenses.

Since this programme addresses challenging issues, you will need to participate in a pre-departure course (online and in person) organised by the national agency of your country-of-origin.

Erasmus+ Training Courses

If you are looking for shorter, fully funded experiences abroad, Erasmus+ training courses are perfect for you.

These courses, usually lasting around 10 days, cover fields like education, youth work, and social inclusion, providing

  • financial support for travel,
  • food, and
  • accommodation.

Participants benefit from cultural exchange and skill enhancement, making it a valuable opportunity for career-oriented people looking to broaden their horizons.

These training courses do not have a maximum age limit!

The groups often consist of people of all ages wishing to deepen their professional knowledge.

Working Holiday Visa

Would you like to work while living an enriching cultural experience abroad? If your favorite destinations are outside of Europe, then the working holiday visa is for you.

A Working Holiday Visa enables adults to work and travel in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

It is ideal for people between 30 and 35 and typically it lasts one year.

The Working Holiday Visa provides flexibility and the chance to immerse yourself in diverse cultures while supporting economically yourself through work.


Workaway is an online platform that connects volunteers with hosts worldwide who offer accommodation and sometimes meals in exchange for help with various projects.

This platform is perfect for adults looking to engage in short-term volunteer work abroad without financial burdens. The best part of Workaway is that it provides an accessible way to contribute globally while experiencing local life.

This opportunity is directed to everyone and it doesn’t have an age limit.

ICYE – International Cultural Youth Exchange

ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) provides enriching intercultural experiences and volunteering abroad opportunities in over 40 countries.

It empowers individuals of all ages by fostering personal growth through international volunteering.

ICYE values inclusivity and does not impose an age limit, welcoming volunteers from diverse backgrounds to collaborate with local communities. The aim of the programme is to promote global solidarity, social justice, gender equality, peace, and environmental sustainability.

Participants engage in meaningful voluntary work abroad in education, health, and social sectors, gaining insights into various cultures and societal issues.

ICYE provides ongoing support throughout the duration of the project, providing assistance in case of need, pre-departure training and a final meeting at the end. It also deals with the bureaucratic management and contact with the hosting organisations! Moreover, it provides the guarantee of living safe and quality experiences


As we have seen, there are many opportunities for volunteering abroad, both funded and not, also for those who due to their age cannot participate in the European Solidarity Corps.

What do you think? Would you like to participate in one of these or do you know others?

Let us know in the comments!


If you fall into the category of people between 18 and 30 years old but have participated in the ESC in the past and would like to know if and how you can repeat a similar experience, you might be interested in the article we wrote about the new 2024 rules.


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