Building structured dialogue through digitalisation 
13 May – 25 June 2020


As the unexpected Coronavirus pandemic has destabilized international mobilities and closed the borders, the Y4E Consortium cancelled the already planned Y4E Summit, to be held in Milan in May 2020, and built up the “Y4E Series of talks”, an innovative virtual initiative to promote an effective structured dialogue between Y4E young people and the EU Institutions.


The “Y4E series of talks” gathered 100 young people from Italy, Germany, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom and Hungary, who were actively involved in one of the six youth meetings of “Youth for Europe”, to present their most voted policy proposals on EU policies to their representatives at the EU Parliament.


Facilitating these meetings with young people who normally wouldn’t have access to discussions like these ones enabled them to feel closer to democracy and ensured that their voices were truthfully heard. The series of talks reinforced youth participation in Europe and stimulated debates for a democratic and more inclusive European society. 

Each winning proposal group could talk about their ideas with a selected Member of the EU Parliament and discuss the ways to improve and reshape the current EU legislation in the fields of Education/Job, Environment and Media policies, becoming active actors in bottom-up decision-making processes.

Watch the debates online and leave your comments below

May young people’s policy proposals be truly supported by the EU Parliament and truly integrated in the EU political strategies? What might be the future of the EU after Covid-19 crises in the areas of Education/Job, Environment and Media policies?

A talk with Anna Donáth

A talk with Fabio Massimo Castaldo

A talk with Andreas Glück

A talk with Anna Cavazzini

A talk with Brando Benifei

A talk with Niklas Nienass

A talk with Eleonora Evi

A talk with Alicia Homs