Young People and Jobs in Transport | Policy Dialogue


Want to find out more about the conditions of workers working in the transport sector in the EU?

Discover European policies on this issue and how the European Parliament is trying to promote this field of work among young people!

This and many other topics were addressed during the Policy Dialogue during the European Year of Youth 2022.

The commissioner Vălean invited young transport professionals from all over Europe to share their views on jobs in transport – from train drivers to air traffic controllers.

Continue reading the article to find out how to watch the video summary of the event.

The Topics

The conference was an important moment of dialogue and discussion among the young participants who had the opportunity to share their ideas on this topic and try to create guidelines for future decisions.

The main themes of the event were:

  • Why did you choose a career in transport?
  • What challenges do you see and how can we tackle them?
  • How can we attract more #WomenInTransport and ensure more diversity in the sector?
  • What are your wishes for the future?

Take always from the programme

At the end of the event, guidelines for future decisions were outlined, thanks to the discussions that were created among the young participants during the event.

These were the take aways from the Dialogue:

  1. Improving working conditions. Participants emphasised low wages and deteriorating working conditions in the context of an aging workforce and labor shortages impacting the transportation sector. Since earnings are frequently too low to support a comfortable lifestyle this is discouraging young people from entering the field.
  2. The high cost of professional training. It may be challenging to break into the workforce in occupations when training expenses are high. Train driver training is also increasingly becoming private, which raises expenses significantly and creates a barrier to entry into the workforce. A participant urged the Commission to make training programs more accessible and reasonably priced in order to draw in younger employees to the industry.
  3.  Affordable train ticketing process. Even if they understand how travel affects the environment, young people really cannot afford to choose sustainable transportation options. They are frequently more expensive. One speaker proposed the idea of an international tariff model based on the Interrail ticket model that is sensitive to local costs, with the goal of lowering prices and encouraging more sustainable choices.

How to watch the video resume?

If you could not attend the event but you still want to learn more about this topic, you can watch the video of the initiative on the official website.


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