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Explore “Europe Talks Solidarity,” the digital podcast that talk about the effects of initiatives supported by Erasmus+.

This audio journey has the aim to give inspiration from the experiences of civil society activists and researchers during social activities and programme financed by Europe.

Presented by the SALTO European Solidarity Corps and produced by Instituto Now, this podcast invites you to join the conversation and share your opinion.

The Podcast

Europe Talks Solidarity” is accessible on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

It is a collection of 19 episodes currently accessible, each episode talk about the constructive influence of solidarity initiatives on our society.

Both civil society activists and researchers are the protagonists of the episodes. They covering topics such as environment, society, politics, public health, and strategies aimed at enhancing the quality of life within the European Union nations.

The activities

In the most recent episode, SALTO European Solidarity Corps engages with Linda Ulane from Latvia and Daniel Gismera from Spain. They are both actively engaged in projects involving young individuals within prison settings.

The episode’s primary aim is to show the dynamics that unfold when solidarity initiatives embrace individuals who have been marginalised by society.

It has the goal to talk about how prisons inherently serve as obstacles to social inclusion.

This latest episode explores the following key themes:

  • The role of solidarity in connecting incarcerated young individuals with society.
  • How these projects contribute to facilitating the reintegration of prisoners into society upon completion of their sentences.

The aims of the project

All episodes are available online and can be listened to for free through major streaming platforms.

You can also see the list of episodes and the topics of each episode on the official website of Salto-Youth


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