No Profit on pandemic: a petition on Covid vaccines

Covid 19 anti-pandemic vaccines and treatments should be a global public good, freely accessible to everyone. This is the idea moving a European Citizens’ Initiative to push the European Commission to propose a legislation to make treatments available to all and avoid Big pharmaceutical companies’ profits on the pandemic.


A European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) allows people to ask the European Commission for a concrete legislative amendment. For an initiative to be considered by the Commission, it needs to get 1 million people from across the EU to sign it in support.

The European Citizens’ Initiative “NOPROFITONPANDEMIC.EU”, that you can support by signing here, is supported by several medical organizations, unions and NGOs all over Europe. Different realities united around the belief that, now more than ever, solidarity and equity must be the key words in the EU.

The initiative, in particular, asks the European Commission to propose all legislation to

  • ensure that intellectual property rights, including patents, do not hamper the accessibility or availability of any future Covid-19 vaccine or treatment;
  • ensure that EU-legislation on data and market exclusivity does not limit the immediate effectiveness of compulsory licenses issued by Member States;
  • introduce legal obligations for beneficiaries from EU-funds to share COVID-19 health technology related knowledge, intellectual property and/or data in a technology or patent pool;
  • introduce legal obligations for beneficiaries from EU-funds regarding transparency on public contributions, production costs, as well as accessibility and affordability clauses combined with non-exclusive licenses.

How to support the Initiative?

Signing is very simple and free, but you need to be an EU resident. To start, click here to link to the official page of NOPROFITONPANDEMIC.EU. During the procedure, that you can find on the European Commission’s official webpage for Citizens’ Initiative, you will be asked to fill a short form, but it won’t take more than 2 minutes.

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