Climate change: what is the EU doing? And you?

The struggle against Climate Change is one of the priorities for the European Union. Indeed, for the European Environment Agency the EU is the third biggest greenhouse gases emitter in the world, after China and the US. According to several evidences, greenhouse plays a big role in climate change. Furthermore, as shown in the picture here, climate change would affect all European regions, with consequences for the whole continent.

The average global temperatures, during the decade 2008-2017 has been the warmest one on record, and 16 of the 17 warmest recorded years, have occurred after 2000.  While, according to a study by Copernicus Climate Change Service, 2018 has been one of the 3 warmest years on record for Europe.

According to scientists,  if the temperature will increment of 2°C compared to pre-industrialization’s levels, there will be catastrophic consequences for the environment.

That’s why the EU, beyond setting some objectives, has also created some actions to fight climate change.

And what can you do?

Cut greenhouse emissions

On this front, the EU is moving in at least 4 different directions:

  • Emission Trading System (ETS), whose aim is to gradually reduce European emissions. With this system, once a periodical limit is set, companies receive or buy emission allowances which they can trade with one another as needed. This system covers 45% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.
  • National emissions targets, that is addressed mostly to sectors like agriculture and construction. The targets are calculated according to the GDP per capita of the countries.
  • Preserve th forests: in 2017 the Parliament voted for a regulation to preserve forests, preventing deforestation and change of land use.
  • New laws for transport. This year, the EP backed legislations to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030. In particular, by 37.5% for new cars, 31% for vans and 30% for new trucks.

Use renewable energies

In 2018 the Parliament has adopted a policy for clean energy. The objective is to increase the use of renewable energy to 32% by 2030.

Furthermore, another aim is to improve energy efficiency 32.5% by 2030.

Funding activities for the climate

At least 20% of the financing planned in 2014-2020 should be devoted to activities related to the climate: this includes 3.4 billion Euro of LIFE programme.

What can you do?

What’s your opinion about the EU environment policy? Do you think it should be improved?

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