How is youth representation changing?

Are you an NGO? Ecorys is trying to understand how NGOs and networks are supporting youth participation in the EU. Help them!

More diverse ways to participate

If young people are continuing to be actively interested in politics and social issues, they are expressing this interest in more diverse ways than in the past. This is what emerges from the Eurobarometer of April 2019.

The idea of the survey

This survey started on July 15th, with the idea to “explore the role of NGOs and networks in supporting youth participation in democratic life in the EU”. Starting from the Eurobarometer quoted above, indeed, the survey will try to collect data about the ways European young people are engaged in decision making at European, national and local levels, and to better understand the value and contribution of EU funding. “It will also examine the new trends in participation, including the role of online movements”.

A part of the European Youth Strategy 2019-2027

The survey is also a tool for the European Commission to inform about the European Youth Strategy 2019-27, in particular the objectives related to youth engagement.

Help collecting data!

If you are part of a youth NGO or a network operating in the EU, your help could be really important and also useful for your own work. In fact, it will tell us the direction European youth is taking.

You have time till the end of August and it will take few minutes



  • Jakub Zientala
    26/07/2019 at 3:38 pm

    In recent years the role of the European Youth has increased greatly. It is still far from being perfect, but it has changed since my teens. The presence of many programs such as Erasmus Plus and such have helped to create more responsible citizens.

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