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Opportunities with Other EU Internships

In addition to the well-known Schuman and BlueBook programs, there are numerous other EU internships available across various institutions and agencies. These internships provide an opportunity to gain professional experience, develop new skills, and explore different fields of interest. Whether you are passionate about law, economics, communication, or environmental issues, there is an EU internship that aligns with your career goals.

EU internships

Variety of EU Internships

EU internships are offered by a wide range of institutions, including the European Central Bank, the European External Action Service, and various EU agencies. Each of these internships provides a unique perspective on the workings of the EU and allows you to contribute to important projects and initiatives.

Benefits of EU Internships

Participating in an EU internship offers numerous benefits. You will receive practical training in your chosen field, work alongside experienced professionals, and gain exposure to a multicultural and dynamic work environment. These internships also provide a monthly stipend to help cover living expenses, ensuring that you can fully engage in your internship experience.

Moreover, EU internships are a great way to build a professional network and establish connections that can be valuable for your future career. The experience and skills gained during an EU internship will enhance your resume and make you a strong candidate for future job opportunities within the EU institutions or other international organisations.

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