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Explore TogetherEU, a project led by the European Parliament, focused on encouraging as many people as possible to participate in European democracy. It specifically aims to boost votes for the 2024 European elections.

On the official website, you can be part of a community that aims to make democracy meaningful and promote the European elections on June 6-9.

This project connects people from Europe, letting them meet, share knowledge, learn new skills, and most importantly, promotes voting. The website also highlights events organised by the European Parliament.

Keep reading to discover how to participate in this initiative!

What is TogetherEU

TogetherEU gathers to individuals and organisation supporting European democracy. It forms a community of EU citizens, partnering with organisations and youth networks. The focus is on empowering advocates, boosting their confidence, and fostering collective action.

The initiative welcomes volunteers, groups, and organizations of any kind, provided they share a commitment to democracy.

What are the values of TogetherEU

This initiative creates a community of people who believe in democracy and want to make it meaningful as the next European elections approach.

The values that move this project can be summarised in the following points:

  • Democracy shapes us, bringing peace, freedom, and a good life to European citizens.
  • Democracy is a continuous effort.
  • European democracy is a shared value, regardless of political affiliation or views. It’s easier to support it together than acting alone.

How it works

The together.eu website serves as the central hub for promoting democracy and the 2024 European elections.

Regular emails provide actionable ideas for organising events, taking actions, and sharing thoughts.

The initiative wants to equip everyone with the tools to join or organise events and share success stories with the community.

On the website, you can directly access and download campaign and communication materials from the European Parliament for your activities, while also sharing your contributions for others to learn from.

How to apply?

If you are interested in finding out more about this initiative and want to take part visit the official website and sign up!

You will have the opportunity to join a community of people who share your values and goals


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