Youth Empowerment for Social Impact


The Youth Empowerment for Social Impact (YESI) project, funded by the European Union and expertly developed in collaboration with Cesvi and Al Majmoua, is an initiative with the aim of fostering the empowerment of young individuals.

This project wants to accomplish this objective through the promotion and establishment of inclusive, innovative, and sustainable models within the opportunity of social entrepreneurship.

By creating a platform that encourages the participation of the youth in the social field, the YESI project aspires to contribute to the development of empowered, socially conscious individuals, who will also influence the society in a positive way.

The goals of the initiative

The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance the skills and capabilities of young leaders, youth-led organisations, and social enterprises.

This is achieved by offering customised training sessions and activities focused on social entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the initiative includes mentoring sessions, opportunities for b, and networking events that connect participants with local and regional stakeholders.

The program also establishes connections with financing opportunities. It facilitates access to small loans and social finance instruments for the involved individuals and entities.

The comprehensive approach of the initiative aims to empower and support young leaders and organisations in the field of social entrepreneurship.

What’s in for young people

The project offers a chance for chosen Social Enterprises to receive a grant.

The grant range from a minimum of EUR 5,000 to a maximum of EUR 15,000.

This financial support is intended for activities and services that aim to develop or expand social entrepreneurship models.

Beyond just the financial aspect, participants in the program have the opportunity to acquire practical skills in developing, strengthening, and scaling up innovative social models and businesses.

Furthermore, the program facilitates connections with various stakeholders in the field. It provides Social Enterprises the chance to engage with financial institutions and potential future investors.

This programme also equips participants with valuable skills and networking opportunities crucial for the growth of their social ventures.

The outcomes of the project

This program aims to youth Empowerment for social Impact and wants create and expand innovative business initiatives, strengthen their skills, secure financial support. They will also actively engage in discussions involving multiple stakeholders on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Through this initiative, young people gain the tools and resources needed to enhance their abilities and access funding opportunities.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to know more about this project visit the official website.


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