Tag: European year of Youth 2022

Nov 30
Test your Digital Skills with this Online Tool

Introduction Are you aware of your digital skills? Would you like to know what is your level and in what you should improve? Discover how reading the article! In today’s world, digital skills are increasingly important for various aspects of life. Whether you’re navigating the workplace, managing tasks at home, or engaging in school activities, […]

Nov 23
Become a EU Ambassador for the Environment

Introduction The European Climate Pact unites individuals in a collective effort to address the climate crisis and contribute to building a more sustainable Europe. At the heart of the Climate Pact are its Ambassador, who play a vital role in informing, inspiring, and supporting climate action within their communities and networks. This initiative has the […]

Nov 16
Youth Empowerment for Social Impact

Introduction The Youth Empowerment for Social Impact (YESI) project, funded by the European Union and expertly developed in collaboration with Cesvi and Al Majmoua, is an initiative with the aim of fostering the empowerment of young individuals. This project wants to accomplish this objective through the promotion and establishment of inclusive, innovative, and sustainable models […]

Nov 09
Improve your Digital Skills to Boost Your Career

Introduction In today’s world, the impact of digital transformation is significant, affecting the way we live, work, and learn. While this progress comes with many benefits, it’s getting harder to keep up with the latest technology if you don’t update your digital skills. This means our skills and knowledge become outdated more quickly, creating a […]

Nov 02
EU4OCEAN | Ocean Literacy initiative

Introduction Are you passionate about protecting the environment and are you interested in learning more about protecting the oceans and how to prevent marine pollution? The European Ocean Coalition (EU4Ocean) is a platform that links organisations, projects, and individuals who play a vital role in advancing ocean literacy and promoting sustainable ocean management. The project […]

Oct 27
Young People and Jobs in Transport | Policy Dialogue

Introduction Want to find out more about the conditions of workers working in the transport sector in the EU? Discover European policies on this issue and how the European Parliament is trying to promote this field of work among young people! This and many other topics were addressed during the Policy Dialogue during the European […]

Oct 21
Building International Partnerships | The Policy Dialogue

Introduction In the current geopolitical context it is particularly difficult for the various states to create effective international partnerships. However, it is absolutely necessary for the various states to work together to try to overcome the various crises, difficulties and inequalities. This was one of the themes that participants discussed during the European Year of […]

Oct 05
Social Protection and Minimum Income | The Policy Dialogue

Introduction Social protection is a system that offer safeguarding and assistance in addressing the challenges related to unemployment, illness, parenthood, and social marginalisation. Access to social protection, the advancement of social inclusion, and the fight against poverty constitute fundamental principles in the EU. Despite a decline in poverty rates over the last decade, it is […]

Sep 28
Education and Innovation at School | The Policy Dialogue

Introduction Education in Europe is crucial to ensuring a future for young people. It is in fact young people themselves who play a key role in the structure of European education, within schools and universities. That is why it is essential to include them and to involve them in improving European education and in innovation […]

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