3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For a EU Internship

The European Commission announced the opening of the Blue Book Traineeships’ application late in August, to start on the next session in March 2022. Every year, the EU Internship application opens twice, to allow young graduates over Europe to live a meaningful experience inside the EU Institutions for 5 months.

We have been talking about the features of the EU Internships in a previous article. If you run late to apply to the last EU internship session (starting in March 2022) don’t get discouraged! The next round of application will open again in January 2022 for the internships starting in October 2022.

In the meantime, let’s have a look to the 5 reasons why you should actually apply for a EU internship.

3 Reasons Why You Should Apply For a EU Internship

Many young graduates have already had the opportunity to work as trainees inside an EU Institution, and we are lucky enough to read their testimonials. Reading their experiences could give you a general overview on why an EU internship is a once-in-a-life opportunity, the benefits it brings along and the outputs you can expect.

Your Contribution Matters

First of all, doing an EU Internship means to truly make an impact on the work of the agency/institution/body you are assigned to. Trainees enjoy full trust, but also freedom in the way they can contribute and propose new ideas. So if you pass the selection, remember to be proactive.

You can easily expect indeed to turn in charge of important responsibilities, concerning especially new European policies. For examples, many trainees were involved in the launch of the European Solidarity Corps.

Start an International Career

An EU Internship is a great starting point to pursue an international career. Depending on the traineehip of your assignment, you will be spending 5 months abroad, in a place where an international workspace is normality. Being it Brussels or Luxembourg, those are places where different cultures meet, and work together. As such, it represents a great opportunity to start building your professional network, making new contacts and getting to know new opportunities around the corner.

Not Just Working

What about having fun? Being a EU trainee doesn’t necessarily mean to get your work done and go to sleep. You have a new place to discover, new friends to make and other interesting activities to do. As a trainee, you can indeed have access to sub-committees focused on all kinds of topics: languages, leadership, sports, diversity and inclusion, LGBT rights, cinema and so on.

Still not sure?

Visit the EU Internships website to get know more about the benefits of such experience!

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