Apply for a traineeship at the European Parliament

Application for Shuman traineeships at the European Parliament are still opened. Their aim? Contributing to the European education and vocational training of European citizens, providing an insight into the work of the European Parliament.

It can be an enriching experience, giving the possibility to know a new work environment, in the core offices of our Union, living in another city and extending own contacts and broadening own horizons.

Apply now and be an EU trainers from the beginning of October 2019 till the end of February 2020.

Traineeships: How long? What? Where?

These traineeships last for a period of five months.
There are more than 400 available traineeships,  in 16 directorates-general, but mostly in communication and  translation branches. It is possible to apply for a position in more than 30 European cities, but the majority of the available traineeships are in Brussels and Luxembourg.

You can apply for maximum 3 traineeships per each period.

Who can apply?

In order to apply for a Schuman traineeship, you must:

  • be aged 18+;
  • hold a university level diploma(s);
  • fulfil the language requirement;
  • provide an eligible criminal record;
  • not have worked for more than two consecutive months within an EU Institution or body;
    not have carried out a visiting junior or senior academia of six months prior the beginning of the traineeship.

How and When to apply?

To apply, visit the page of Traineeships at the European Parliament. There, you will have the possibility to filter the proposals, read more about the tasks and apply.

But do it till June 30th, otherwise will be too late.

Good luck!


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