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Are you a university student and passionate about technology? If you are looking for opportunities abroad to increase your international experience, establish contacts, improve your English and have fun, keep reading and discover the BEST courses!

“BEST”, Board of European Students of Technology, is a non-profit student organisation, run by students and working for students.

The projects of “BEST”

The organisation arrange short (1-2 weeks long) courses throughout the year, where engineering students get the chance to learn more about a specific topic in their field of interest.

BEST also organises seminars on educational issues, engineering competitions and leisure events.

In a learning event, participants attend lectures and visit companies, industrial plants or research centres and sometimes take part in case studies.

During the projects, the organisation manages the accommodation, transport and activities of the participants. Depending on the project there is a different fee of participation.

The maximum fee is 5 Euro per day (but no more than 55 EUR in total).

Every year BEST publishes on the official website numerous projects and from their site you can view the list of current projects available.

The topics of the projects

The topics of the learning events cover mainly different technology fields, economics, marketing and management.

At the end of the course, students take an exam to evaluate the participants’s success. An increasing number of courses are recognised by many universities and students attending these courses can get credit from their home universities.

Who can partecipate?

All university students attending a university affiliated with the BEST association can attend the events.

You can access the list of organisations and universities affiliated with the association through the official website.

Learn more about the association’s various opportunities on the official Eurodesk website.


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