European Mobility Week 2022: Join the Race for Sustainability!

The European Commission is organising an awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility throughout the European Mobility Week 2022 that is taking place on 16th-22nd September with the theme “Better Connections”, to highlight and foster synergies between people and places that are offering their expertise, creativity and dedication to raising awareness about sustainable mobility and promoting behavioural change in favour of active mobility.

“Better Connections” focuses on 4 pillars:

  • people
  • places
  • packages
  • planning and policies

Have a look at the thematic guidelines.

How To Participate

There are different ways to join the week:

  • If you represent a town or city, take part during the main week of the campaign between 16-22 September and submit your activities and measures here.
  • If you represent a company, citizens’ initiative, educational institution, or another entity, submit a MobilityAction throughout the year and share your success.
  • You can submit success stories to receive awards. Has your town or city achieved something exemplary and outstanding in sustainable urban mobility? Then you can receive an award for your excellent work. For that, apply for the annual competitions.

About the Event

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. It promotes behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions.

The main event takes place from 16-22 September each year, culminating in the popular Car-Free Day. Local authorities are encouraged to use the main week to try out innovative planning measures, promote new infrastructure and technologies, measure air quality, and get feedback from the public.

With more towns and cities joining every year, and with its huge media appeal, the campaign is widely recognised as a driving force towards sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond.

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