How to (Sustainable) Travel Over Europe

It is the right time of the year to start thinking about traveling abroad. With the pandemic restrictions easing all over the Europe, you might want to think about undertaking a European Solidarity Corps project or just holidaying around. Whatever is in your mind, you may be happy to know that traveling over Europe is easy thanks to the rules governing the single market. The freedom of movement is indeed a European priority and it concerns, among others, the movement of people.

How To Travel Over Europe

If you have been selected for an Erasmus Plus project in a European country, being it an ESC, a Youth Exchange, or other youth mobility opportunities, you may be already aware that there are multiple options to reach your destination. This year, the new European Solidarity Corps programme wants to strengthen the importance of green traveling. Traveling with a low impact on the environment is about to become the rule in the immediate future, along with other conscious ecological choices.

The preference must go to train or bus, as a consequence. The European rail is actually a well-functioning and efficient mean of transport over Europe. Rails are connected above the European borders and allow to travel safely and easy.

Hereby some tips on how to easy travel over Europe:

  • Plan in advance: this reduces the chance of surprises. If possible, try to book your trip in advance so you have time to research accessibility in and around the place you want to visit;
  • Get the most out of your European Travel Pass: there are many destinations you can plan to go to, just make sure to decide before where to go;
  • Essentials for travel: don’t forget your essentials. Make a list of what you must carry with you, such as travel documents and travel guides. Inform yourself about roaming and phone usage in your country of destination. And put down your itinerary!

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European Year of Rail 2021

The European Year of Rail 2021 has started!

Under the Green Deal, the European Union wants to boost the usage of one of the smartest, safest and more environmentally friendly means of transport.

The benefits of rail transport are:

  • Sustainability: the train is one of the least polluting means of transport, responsible for less than 0.5% of transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, transport by road accounted for 71,8%; waterborne transport 14,1% and civil aviation 13,2% By promoting the use of transport by rail we will reduce significantly pollution due to transport and will contribute to fight climate change.
  • Versatility: transport by rail has endless possibilities! People can use train transportation in their daily lives for commuting, holidays or long-trips.
  • Safety, Comfort, and Accessibility: if you choose to travel by rail, you are using one of the safest means of transport, so you can enjoy and relax during your journey: you can choose between reading, studying or just enjoy the landscape you go over. Pantou offers any possibile solution to accessible travel.

Are your ready to start your journey?

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