Interested in Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid Field?

Following the first deadline for project proposals under the new Humanitarian Aid Volunteering action, project coordinators will start in a few months to look for volunteers. Registration of candidate volunteers in the Portal opened on October 17th!

EU Aid Volunteers

The EU Aid Volunteers Projects have the scope to provide practical support to humanitarian aid projects and contribute to strengthening local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities. It is an opportunity to promote cooperation among active European citizens, working together with communities in countries experiencing humanitarian crises or post-crises. The initiative wants also to encourage the cooperation among local, European and international organisations.

There are 3 different outcomes concerning EU Aid Volunteers Programme:

  1. Provide volunteering opportunities to young people 18-35, either in presence or online;
  2. Support organisations with technical assistance (they must be based in Europe and involved in humanitarian actions in Third countries);
  3. Allow capacity building actions among organisations hit by crises or disasters.

The topics you could work on are, for example, promotion of gender equality, protection of women and children, protection of refugees and internally displaced persons, protection of undocumented migrants, mitigation of the effects of climate change, improvement of food security, etc.

Who Can Apply and How

In order to take part to the initiative, as a participant you have to:

  • be 18-35;
  • be a European citizen (long-term resident or citizen of a Member State).

You don’t necessarily need humanitarian aid experience to apply to be an EU Aid Volunteer – EU Aid Volunteers is open to people with a wide range of backgrounds and different experiences.

If you are selected, you will be able to participate in projects that can last between 2 to 12 months (if you go on your own) or between 2 weeks to 2 months (if you go as member of a team of at least 5 people).

How can you apply? Express your interest!

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