Erasmus Student? Have Your Say About the European Student Card

If you are an Erasmus student, the European Student Card should not sound new to you. As part of the broader initiative ESCI (European Student Card Initiative), the Card is also crucial to promoting student participation in educational and cultural activities in line with the vision to create a European Education Area by 2025.

European Student Card Initiative

The European Student Card Initiative (the ESCI) is composed of three building blocks

  • European Student Card – transforming current student cards into a European Student Card so students can benefit from  on- and off- campus services during their mobility
  • Erasmus+ App – a single app to help Erasmus students with all their practical administration – before, during and after their mobility programme
  • Erasmus Without Paper – a digital solution connecting systems in use at higher education institutions allowing to manage their Erasmus+ mobilities online

Check out the Erasmus App, if you haven’t already!

The Initiative is a step forward in the transition towards a digital European society and a true European Education Area, in which spending time abroad to study and learn is the norm, and educational excellence is a reality for all.

European Student Card

The European Student Card establishes a common European identity for higher education students. Students can get their student status verified easily across Europe with their European Student Card.

Which are the benefits?

Card issuers:

Integrate your current card with the ESC to gain the benefits of a European dimension. By adding the ESC to your existing cards you can

  • avoid the need to issue a new student card for mobility students if the home institution is also part of the ESC
  • validate the student status from incoming mobility students securely


The ESC is your gateway to on- and off- campus services by affirming your student status recognition at other universities around the EU. You’ll be able to

    • use your student card while studying abroad without needing to get a new student card from your host institution
    • more easily access student services during your mobility experience
    • gain a “European student” status


On and off-campus service provider:

Streamline how you verify student status more quickly. You will get

  • increased certainty about students’ status
  • a wider network of users by adding mobility students in the services provided

Your Opinion About the EU Student Card

So now… what is your opinion about the European Student Card?

Every year, a survey is carried out to understand students’ experience with the use and management of Student Cards and improve the service. With this survey, the Commission aims to:

  • gather information on the student cards used in Erasmus+ programme countries
  • identify your needs to access student services (especially online services)
  • understand your level of awareness on the European Student Card and identify ways to improve.

It will take you no more than 10 minutes to fill in the survey, which is available here.

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