Nominations Open for Young European of the Year 2023


The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is calling for nominations for the Young European of the Year 2023. The foundation is seeking committed young people between the ages of 18 and 26 who work towards building a pluralistic, open European society of solidarity or fighting against discrimination and injustice.

The Young European of the Year award is a prestigious honor that recognizes the remarkable achievements of young people in Europe. The award aims to encourage and support young people who have demonstrated leadership, commitment, and responsibility in their field of engagement. 

Who is eligible to win the award? 

Individuals aged 18-26, who are actively engaged in promoting a pluralistic and inclusive society in Europe, or combatting discrimination and injustice in any of the member states of the Council of Europe, are eligible for nomination. To be considered, the nominee should have displayed exceptional leadership, dedication, and accountability in their area of involvement.

What is there to win and How is the winner selected?

The winner of the award will receive €5000, which can be used for an internship in a European institution or to finance a project that promotes European integration and solidarity. Additionally, the winner will automatically become a part of the jury of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award.


Nominations for the Young European of the Year 2023 are open until April 10, 2023. If you know a young person who deserves recognition for their remarkable achievements, leadership, and commitment towards building a better Europe, nominate them for the award. For more information about the award and the nomination process, visit the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe website or contact Esther Spicker at [email protected].


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