SALTO Awards 2021

The SALTO Awards 2021 are back!

The Awards recognize the work of the organisations dealing with Erasmus Plus or European Solidarity Corps programmes, for their effort in inspiring young people, decision makers and applicants. In other words, the SALTO Awards want to recognize the good impact of the project toward their stakeholders.

The Topics

The topics for which any award is given are the following:

  • Digital transformation;
  • Environment and climate change;
  • Media and information literacy;
  • Solidarity and volunteering;
  • Youth participation.

Who Can Nominate a Project

If you have in mind a project that you would like to nominate for the SALTO Awards 2021, let’s find out if you are actually eligible to do so. The following ones can nominate a project:

  • Project team members and participants;
  • National Agencies;
  • Public institutions and stakeholders;
  • Organisations.

The Rules for a Project to be Eligible

A project, to get a nomination, needs to:

  • Be actively progressing within this year with main activities finishing by the end of October 2021;
  • Produce tangible outcomes that make it possible to multiply its impact beyond the direct participants;
  • Produce clearly identified intangible results including relevant learning outcomes to the different actors involved;
  • Have a long-term impact – sustainable and replicable (with necessary adaptations);
  • Come from Erasmus+ or/and European Solidarity Corps Programme countries and partner countries (Regions 1-4);
  • Come from non-formal education and be funded by Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps or any other programme/source.

The is a jury deciding over the winners in each sector. The deadline for nomination is September 30th 2021.

Have you decided which project to nominate? Do not waste any more time! Nominate the project that you think deserve to win the SALTO Awards 2021.

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