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In the current geopolitical context it is particularly difficult for the various states to create effective international partnerships.

However, it is absolutely necessary for the various states to work together to try to overcome the various crises, difficulties and inequalities.

This was one of the themes that participants discussed during the European Year of Youth 2022. On 29 November 2022, Commissioner Urpilainen organised a conference with 16 young people from all over Europe.

During the event participants shared their views and reflections on how to create effective, meaningful and inclusive partnerships between EU and foreign states.

If you couldn’t attend the event, but you want to learn more about this theme, read on and learn how to watch the video summary of the event.

The Policy Dialogue

The Dialogue showcased that youth must be put at the heart of the international partnerships being built in geopolitically challenging times and the Youth Action Plan in EU external action is decisive in this perspectives.

It is important that young Europeans are involved in this type of decision-making and that they participate in building effective and inclusive partnerships

For this reason, the event was an important opportunity for reflection and discussion where participants could define some guidelines.

Take always from the programme

Participants came up with three main conclusions, which the EU will use in the future to establish new guidelines:

  • The monitoring mechanism of the EU Youth Action Plan. The monitoring mechanism of the EU Youth Action Plan in external action is very important. Young people should participate in the design of actions as well as in their implementation.
  • Peace and development are two sides of the same coin. Investments in human development and overall sustainability are investments in peace. It is important to choose new approaches to strengthening peace, democracy and human rights.
  • Youth-to-youth connections for changemaking. Countries should put efforts into build networks and connections thought inclusion, taking into account those that have limited digital connection, enlarging participation opportunities through the availability of resources, accessibility, language, and training, and including  those working at community level.

How to watch the video resume?

If you could not attend the event but you still want to learn more about this topic, you can watch the video of the initiative on the official website.


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