Certify Your Soft-Skills with GloRe Certificate

Have you ever been a volunteer? Would you like to get a certificate for all those soft-skills you developed thanks to volunteering?

Certify Your Volunteering Skills

The GloRe Certificate is an easy and professional way for people who undertook a local or international volunteering experience to certify skills and competences that came along with volunteering. It is a platform developed by an international network, now available to NGOs to register and become partner, so that their volunteers can go through the certification process.

The certification process goes through e-learning modules, each one referring to a soft-skill to certify. The soft-skills are those non-technical and interpersonal skills that go along with hard-skills. They include, for example, how to interact with colleagues, how to solve problems, and how to manage work. Let’s discover more about them.


There are different groups of soft-skills that you might have come across without even knowing them.

The first group is Communication Skills.
The ability to communicate is crucial in the everyday life and especially into the workplace. Workers in the digital age must know how to effectively convey and receive messages in person as well as via phone, email, and social media. Among these skills, with GloRe Certificate you will be able to certify:

  • Communication and Active Listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Public Speaking
  • Digital Communication

The second group represents Personal Skills, for example:

  • Empathy
  • Self-Awareness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Responsibility
  • Leadership
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Learning to learn
  • Confidence in yourself and others

The third group is that of Work Skills, and it includes:

  • Autonomy
  • Stress Management
  • Initiative
  • Decision Making
  • Work Ethic and Commitment

On forth group we can find the following Social soft-skills:

  • Socio-cultural Awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Conflict Management
  • Open-mindedness and Tolerance
  • Networking and Public Relations

Are you familiar with any of them? During your volunteering project you surely learned some of them as part of your daily activities. The good news is that with GloRe Certification System you can now give value to your soft-skills obtaining an official certificate that boosts your CV.

How To Get Started

The organisations that hosted you as a volunteer has to be parter of GloRe network so that you can go through the certification process. If it’s not, you might want to let them know about this opportunity. For them is totally free to join in. You can then access the GloRe e-learning platform after registration and choose the soft-skills to certify. You will go through different modules and the certificate will be issued after validation by the host organisation.

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