Training Course: Improving Social Inclusion and Equality

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A Training Course to Improve Social Inclusion and Equality

Dates: March 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th

In a European Union constantly changing, with many different cultures, this training project aims to reduce racism and discrimination, and promote social inclusion, taking into account the priorities and opportunities offered by the Horizon 2020 program in social action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The course is based on applied entrepreneurial competences (RISE) and relies on the Entrecomp and Digcomp competences framework, as a tool to generate competences that make us think and act in an entrepreneurial way.

The project aims at inspiring participants in future projects of employability and entrepreneurship, through educational methods.


The course is open to youth workers, current and future, and young people, in the development of specific skills, focusing on the development of resources for diversity, inclusion, no discrimination and acquisition of skills that contribute to improving quality of life through social entrepreneurship.

What To Expect

The objectives of the project are:

  • Offer practical tools to improve social employability and entrepreneurial skills in projects that support inclusion, diversity, equality.
  • Support the professional and personal development of young workers and youth trainers.
  • Provide information and applicability on the Entrecomp and Digcomp competency framework.
  • Publicise the priorities Horizon 2020, Sustainable Development Goals; and develop social inclusion initiatives in these areas.
  • Provide useful tools and methods to use with the young people with whom you work, in international work with young people and within the framework of ERASMUS+ and the European Solidarity Corps.
  • Into Action: Explore and develop new initiatives for social entrepreneurship and employability in youth work.

The activities will consist dynamic and creative workshops, which have aim to raise the awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion, and promotion of social entrepreneurship.

How To Apply

The application goes through an online form to fill in. Then you will have to apply here by March 14th.

To know more about the schedule, download the details.

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