Contribute To The EU-Africa Partnership

The EU-Africa Partnership is on the table to be discussed in Brussels on 17th and 18th February 2022, by European Union leaders and Africa Union member states. This round will be the 6th European Union – African Union Summit, and it involves also the first edition of the Africa-Europe week, to which young people, civil society and private sector are welcome to participate. All of them together to discuss the aspects of the Africa-EU Partnership that matter to them the most.

About The EU-Africa Partnership

The EU’s relationship with Africa is a key priority for the Commission. The new COVID reality makes this relationship all the more important.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the growing urgency of the climate crisis show at the same time how interdependent our two continents are, and why it is so important that both continents act urgently to seize the shared opportunities that lie ahead and to tackle the common challenges that we all face. This pandemic knows no borders and, as it has demonstrated, a global response and an ability to act as an international community are essential.

They are going to be discussing the following topics:

  • Green Transition and Energy Access
  • Digital Transformation
  • Sustainable Growth and Jobs
  • Peace, Security and Governance
  • Migration and Mobility

The Africa-Europe Week

The Africa-Europe week aims to strengthen the links that connect people from both our continents and will include several events.

What about the involvement of young people?
The Youth Track of the Africa-Europe Week brings together young people from Africa, Europe and the diaspora to contribute to the future of the EU-Africa Partnership. The programme includes a series of events prior to the start of the Week (as of 7th February), events during the Youth Day (14th February) and the gathering of Youth Rapporteurs who will bring together the joint outcomes of the Youth Track (15th February). All the sessions will be youth-led and include exchanges with decision-makers to amplify youth voices and foster meaningful participation.

Prior to participation, you need to register to the event.

What Can You Do?

Join the series of events from 7th February until the Youth Day of the Week on the 14th February. The events will address various topics where young people have the opportunity to embrace their role as essential partners and drivers of change in the political, social and economic decision-making processes that affect them and their future.

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