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Education in Europe is crucial to ensuring a future for young people. It is in fact young people themselves who play a key role in the structure of European education, within schools and universities.

That is why it is essential to include them and to involve them in improving European education and in innovation in the educational process.

This theme was addressed during the Policy Dialogue with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the European year of Youth 2022.

It was a time of discussion and confrontation, during which the participants exchanged their ideas and opinions on this topic.

If you were unable to attend the event, read on and learn how to watch the video online.

The event

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel led the event. The participants were 12 young people from all over Europe.

They discussed those main topics during the event are:

  • How to foster young people’s creativity and innovation mind-sets in schools
  • how to be encouraged to follow a carrier in science
  • how to increase digital competences
  • how to be empowered to take an active role in society

The participants had the opportunity to discuss with each other following these key points and it was a useful comparison.

The conclusions of the dialogue

At the end of the event participants were able to draw a series of conclusions regarding the subject.

They can be summarised in these three following points:

  1. STEM education opportunities. Promoting STEM education, particularly among girls and young women, is crucial. An alarming disparity exists between the initial interest of girls and young women in STEM subjects during their early school years and their actual graduation rates in these fields and subsequent careers in exact sciences and engineering. European initiatives, like Erasmus+, have the potential to bolster participation in a wide range of STEM competitions and Olympiads, further fostering engagement in these subjects.
  2. Improvement of diversity & inclusion. The promotion of inclusivity for marginalised youth segments emerged as a recurring theme in numerous policy discussions. Furthermore, there were discussions about ensuring equitable access to education and mobility opportunities, bridging disparities among rural and urban populations, genders, and diverse member states.
  3. Introduction of the Youth Test. The European Youth Forum has put forth the idea of implementing the EU Youth Test as a lasting outcome of the European Year of Youth. This Youth Test is useful for evaluating the effects of new policies on the youth demographic.

How to see the event

If you have not been able to attend the event but are interested in deepening the topic, you can watch the video of the initiative on the official website.



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