Erasmus App Tips Competition

Have you dowloaded the Erasmus App yet? If not, hurry up! There’s the Erasmus App Tips Competition for you.

The Erasmus App

The European Commission launched, back at the beginning of 2021, the ErasmusApp. The mobile app is a free tool to discover the Erasmus opportunities abroad. Thanks to it, you can plan your Erasmus journey, covering all the steps at once. It contains all the information you need about the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 programme.

The ErasmusApp allows you to:

  • Inform yourself;
  • Check the deadlines;
  • Reach out to your local Erasmus+ association.

Erasmus App Tips Competition

The Erasmus+ App also fosters content sharing by students within the App such as tips that can help other students make their experience easier and better. This is why the competition rewards anyone who contributes to creating this community of practice by uploading tips in the Erasmus+ App.

The competition’s goal is to foster peer-to-peer cooperation among students who have gone to Erasmus or are interested in the Erasmus programme.

Whether your tip is about how to better pack your luggage, how to manage the language barrier in a new country, or how to find friends abroad or simply keep up with your studies in the host university, share your tip and win amazing prizes.

Who And How

Everyone who has participated,  is participating at the moment or wants to participate in an Erasmus+ exchange or study abroad programme, aged 18 years or over.

Upload your Erasmus mobility tip from the Tips Section of the Erasmus+ App which can be downloaded via AndroidApple, or alternatively accessed via PC.

After you log in and go to the share section on the top right corner (the “plus” symbol) you can

  • upload your tip indicating the title of your tip,
  • the actual tip (“description” section),
  • any image if relevant,
  • the city related to the tip,
  • the specific Erasmus+ programme from those listed in the App’s menu, and
  • the tag related to the area to which your tip applies from those listed in the App’s menu.

The monthly prizes are:

  • 3 Amazon vouchers.

The twice-per-year prizes is:

  • An interrail voucher to travel in Europe.

Access the Erasmus Tips Competition and take your chance to win the prizes!

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