ErasmusIntern – Connecting Students and Companies for International Internships


Are you a student or recent graduate looking to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and expand your professional network? 

If so, you should definitely check ErasmusIntern! This website connects students and recent graduates with firms and organisations searching for international internships. The idea is simple: making it easy for students to discover internships based on location, area of study, and type of employment, while organisations can post internships for free and identify qualified candidates. Keep reading to find out how this website will assist you in finding your next internship position.

How To Find International Internships

ErasmusIntern is a project of the European Union that supports education, training, youth, and sports. The program helps students to gain foreign experience and expand their talents by sponsoring internships and other opportunities.

Students who want to conduct an internship overseas can create online profiles, look for internships, and apply. They can upload their resumes and cover letters, and look for internships that fit their interests and talents.

Key features of ErasmusIntern is that it is available to students and recent graduates from all around the world, offering a platform for worldwide internships. This enables students to get a global perspective and job experience in many cultures. In today’s global work market, this might be a great advantage.

Students can also find a range of materials on the website, such as:

  • advise on how to apply for internships; 
  • how to prepare for an interview
  • and how to make the most of an internship experience;

Finally, ErasmusIntern is an excellent resource for students and recent graduates looking for overseas internships. The website is easy to use and provides a variety of information. Moreover, because of its global reach, it offers students a unique chance to develop a global perspective and professional experience in diverse cultures. Don’t miss this chance, find your best internship opportunity!


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