European Solidarity Corps New General Online Training

A new European Solidarity Corps General Online Training is now available on the ESC portal.
Whether you have already been an ESC volunteer or you are thinking about becoming one and therefore you want to know more about European Solidarity Corps, there is a brand new online platform for training. It is a platform where to learn anything needed and also something new!

The training focuses on different and useful contents, such as:

  • how to best prepare yourself for you ESC activity
  • find new ideas on how to get involved next
  • and a lot more.

There are five different training modules:

  1. How do you EU – Find more information about European Solidarity Corps, plus get to know more about EU fundamental values & what role the EU play in your everyday life;
  2. Have it your way – Learn more about the different opportunities the European Solidarity Corps can offer and figure out which one might be best suited for you.
  3. A whole new world – Learn more about your own safety, how to adapt to a new reality and to communicate in intercultural contexts.
  4. The journey continues – Explore the opportunities for your future after finishing an ESC.
  5. Broaden your horizons – Find courses about focused topics, such as advocacy, fundraising, leadership & many more.

To access the European Solidarity Corps General Online Training you just need to log into your ESC profile. If you don’t have a profile, register first. Once you have created and logged into your profile, you can access the platform by clicking on the ribbon “Online Training”.  After a few clicks, you are free to go!

Start exploring the General Online Training now!

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