European Year of Youth 2022 | Communication from the EU Commission


The communication about the lasting impact of the European Year of Youth 2022 is finally approved! The European Commission Communication emphasises the importance of youth in EU policies.

It introduces 60 actions aimed directly at young Europeans to empower them and let them have more influence on EU policies.

When making policies, the European Commission will make sure to get input from young people. This is to ensure that the policies consider how they affect young lives. They will use tools like consultations and impact assessments to make the most of their potential.

These instruments will then be integrated with other different specific tools for youth under the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027.

EU Youth Dialogue

The Commission will make the European Youth Dialogue stronger.

This means more talks between young people and Commissioners, Youth Round Tables, and a new platform for ongoing discussions with youth organisations, researchers, Member States, and other EU institutions.

This will support and strengthen the new tool for young people to give their input.

Additionally, the European Commission has planned specific actions to tackle the worries of young people. These actions cover areas like health, environment, education, international cooperation, employment, and inclusion.

Key Achievement of the European Year of Youth 2022

Collaborating with various groups, including EU institutions, Member States, youth stakeholders, and young people, led to the success of this initiative.

To ensure effective coordination, the Commission established a group of 29 national coordinators, nominated by EU Member States, 6 national contact points in Erasmus+ associated countries, and over 120 European-level youth stakeholders.

The European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the Regions actively contributed to this group. This collaborative effort led to new partnerships at different levels, positively influencing youth cooperation in the future.

The Year engaged many people at all levels. Over 2,700 stakeholders across the EU and beyond actively participated in activities on the European Youth Portal map, working towards the Year’s four objectives.

The activities during the European Year of Youth 2022

The organisations tailored activities for young people and actively involved them in their execution during the Year.

Also, most national coordinators and non-EU national contact points collaborated with national youth councils consisting of young people.

The EU Year of Youth 2022 played a crucial role in bringing European, national, regional, and local institutions closer to young people. Thanks to the initiative, more young Europeans experienced firsthand how the EU enhances their lives, supports their personal growth, and equips them with vital resources and skills to become active citizens.

The majority of activities during the Year occurred face-to-face, actively reaching out to inform young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, about various opportunities.

The Key topics

The activities focused on 8 specific areas of interest.

They hold significance for young people and align with the Commission’s priorities and they include:

  • European learning mobility
  • employment and inclusion
  • policy dialogues and participation
  • the green and digital transitions
  • culture
  • health, well-being, and sports
  • youth and the world

Do you want to know more?

So, if you are interested in discovering more and deepening the objectives achieved by this initiative and the impact it will have in future decisions, visit the official website and consult the document!


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