Exploring the 2024 EU Elections with Walk The Talk EU

With the 2024 European Parliament elections nearing, it is more important than ever to make a well-informed choice about who will represent you in Europe. But with so many political groups and their complex agendas, where to start?

It is at this difficult time that Walk The Talk EU can come to your aid. It is a platform designed to help you compare the election programmes of the various parties in the European Parliament effortlessly. Let’s find out how this platform works and why understanding these groups is crucial for your vote.

What is Walk The Talk EU?

Walk The Talk EU is a user-friendly platform that simplifies and compares the election programmes of the 7 different political parties in the European Parliament. Think of it as your personal guide to get past the political jargon and focus on the issues that matter most to you. Whether you care about climate change, digital privacy or economic growth, Walk The Talk EU shows you where each party stands on these issues, making your decision-making process easier and more transparent.

The platform simply summarises the positions of the individual parties on 9 crucial issues: Economy, Education, Housing, Local Opportunities, Climate Change, Employment, Human Rights, Mental Health, Safety and Security.

The site gives you the opportunity to compare 2 parties at a time, allowing you to see the differences and similarities between the competing parties.

Why compare programmes?

Clarity: Political programmes can be dense and difficult to understand. Walk The Talk EU breaks these down, highlighting key points so you can quickly understand each party’s proposals.

Informed decisions: By comparing programmes side by side, you can see the differences and similarities between policies, helping you choose the party that best aligns with your values and priorities.

Active citizenship: Being informed about the parties’ positions enables you to participate more meaningfully in political discussions and debates.

The role of the parties in the European Parliament

Before we dive into the features of Walk The Talk EU, let us take a moment to understand what the European Parliament parties actually do.

The European Parliament is one of the main legislative bodies of the European Union (EU) and represents over 700 million people in 27 Member States. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected every five years by the citizens of the EU. Although MEPs are elected at national level, where the electoral competition is carried out by national parties, these parties are usually associated with transnational European parties. Therefore, in most cases, MEPs are grouped in different political parties, each representing a spectrum of ideologies and political interests.

These parties play a crucial role:

  • Legislation: They debate, amend and vote on proposed EU laws, influencing a wide range of areas including the environment, consumer rights and digital policies.
  • Budget: They have a say in how the EU budget is spent, ensuring that funds are allocated to projects and sectors that reflect their priorities.
  • Oversight: They hold the other EU institutions to account, ensuring transparency and respect for democratic principles.
  • Representation: They represent the interests of their constituents, advocating policies that benefit their regions and the wider EU community.

How to use Walk The Talk EU

Explore the programmes: Start by browsing through the election programmes available on Walk The Talk EU. Each programme is divided into key areas such as economy, health, education, environment and more.

Compare policies: Use the comparison tool to see how different parties address specific issues. This function is especially useful if you have a few main concerns and want to see which parties give them the highest priority.

Evaluate and decide: Based on the comparisons, assess which party best aligns with your views and aspirations for the future of Europe.

Stay updated: The platform also provides updates on debates, interviews and other election-related news, helping you to stay informed throughout the election period.

Why your vote matters

Voting in European Parliament elections is more than just a civic duty: it is an opportunity to shape the future of Europe. Decisions taken by the European Parliament have an impact on everything from the air you breathe to the data you share online.

By using tools like Walk The Talk EU, you can ensure your vote goes towards a party that truly represents your vision for Europe.

As the 2024 elections draw near, take a few moments to explore Walk The Talk EU. Empower yourself with knowledge, make your voice heard, and walk the talk by voting for the future you want to see.

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