together.eu: Getting Engaged and Involving Communities in the Run-up to the European Elections

The European Parliament elections, scheduled for June 6 to 9, 2024, are rapidly approaching. This crucial event will influence European policies for the next five years. It represents a significant shared responsibility, particularly for those voting for the first time. It’s essential not just to comprehend what we are voting on or how to do it, but also to get actively engaged, promoting the elections and getting ready for the vote, strengthening the sense of community inside the European Union, through the involvement of the local communities.

It is for this reason that together.eu, a community of people who believe in democracy and who want to give it real meaning as the next European elections approach, was created. It is a platform where one has the possibility both to access content and educational resources, designed for a young audience, and to get in touch with people with similar interests, through the events and training courses offered on the portal. 

The Platform

The platform aims to offer young people the tools to be able to organise information and promotion campaigns for the European elections.

It is multilingual, so you will have the opportunity to access resource in the language your prefer.

Registering on the platform

Registering on the platform is very simple and intuitive. Once you click on ‘JOIN Together.eu’ you will be asked for your personal data and interests. This will allow the platform to direct you to the events and training courses that suit you best. If you wish, you can also decide to contribute by becoming a promoter of the platform and an active member of the community. In this case, by clicking on ‘I want to help’, you will receive material to help you in this task.


In this section, you will have the possibility to search for events on the European elections organised by the European Parliament. Events are organised in most EU countries. In addition to in-person events, you will have the possibility to find events online. You can filter events according to your interests, geographical area and language.


Here you can read testimonials from young Europeans involved in together.eu events. Throughout Europe, indeed, members of our together.eu community are actively participating in and organising events and activities. Some have shared their views on Europe’s future, while others have acquired new skills. Their involvement has made a significant impact, and their experiences have left a lasting impression on them.

Resources and downloads

In this section you can download material both to understand more about the European elections and to promote them and explain to others the importance of this event. You will be provided with brochures, videos and graphics for social media. In addition, you can contribute to the portal by uploading material created by you.


In this section, you will have the opportunity to take part in online trainings, where you will not only learn more about the European elections, but also acquire new skills on advocacy and campaigning as well as event management, as the courses aim to train new young people to organise activities in their communities. 

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