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The European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan presented a proposal to the Council regarding the establishment of effective minimum income schemes across the EU.

This initiative aims to assist Member States in creating a well-balanced approach to income support and access to services for individuals in diverse situations and with different needs.

The proposal will also take into account the circumstances of young people, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for addressing their specific challenges.

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The proposal

Across the EU, each country has a safety net known as a minimum income scheme, but these schemes vary. They aim to support households by considering the income of every family member.

However, there are significant challenges related to coverage and adequacy.

Some people in poverty don’t have access to these benefits, and in certain cases, the schemes are ineffective in lifting people out of poverty or social exclusion. This is often due to the low level of minimum income benefits, which are not updated frequently.

The plan aims to update the EU’s current system for minimum income schemes, making it more modern. It wants to do this without harming each country’s social protection system.

The idea is to give suggestions on how countries can improve their support programs. At the same time, countries can still make their own decisions based on their practices.

This update is needed to consider the new economic and social situations.

What’s in it for young people?

Many young people face difficulty accessing minimum income because they usually rely on their parents’ support.

This indirect help limits their access to important services. To solve this, we need better and more personalised services that consider the needs of each person in the family.

This kind of support will assist young people in poverty, helping them to be more involved in work and society.

Do you want to know more?

If you want to find out more about this initiative, how it works and the future goals visit the official website!

You will find the details of this project, which took place during the European Year of Youth 2022


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