Creativity for Social Inclusion | New Training Course offer!


Are you a youth worker and are you interested in deepening your knowledge in social inclusion and how to bring change to local communities through the development of creativity?

Find out how to apply for this training course which will take place in Gonio, Georgia, from 15 to 23 October.

Art of Being Creative – ABC | Training course 

The NGO “educatio”, in collaboration with “MED13”, organised the Training course “Art of Being Creative – ABC“, during which 39 participants from all over Europe will have the opportunity to collaborate and discuss topics concerning the peculiarities of youth work in the participating countries, to design follow-up local projects aimed at improving social inclusion and community development through combination of NFE activities that will involve creative thinking tools and problem-solving methods along with improvisation theatre and games.

For 7 days participants will collaborate in the project and through non-formal education activities will develop their competences and skills of creative thinking and problem-solving, in order to create and design follow-up local projects aimed at improving social inclusion and community development in their countries.

Goals of the project

The seven final goals of the training course are:

  1. Boost creativity fluency through improvisation theatre, games and other NFE activities
  2.  Improve social, interpersonal and communication competences, as well as to boost creativity through NFE and peer education
  3. Provide youth/social workers, educators and future leaders with the tools for creative thinking and problem-solving skills development (that will result in creating follow-up projects for their local communities)
  4. Create follow-up local projects aimed for community development through social inclusion of marginalised youth and other social groups with fewer opportunities
  5. Provide a partnership building platform for NGO workers that specialise on working with people with fewer opportunities, migrants, refugees and marginal groups
  6. Promote positive and respectful attitudes toward various cultures, people and their specialty
  7. Develop the key competences and skills of self-reflection among the participants

Participation requirements

In order to apply for this TC you must:

  • Have 18+ years old and be a youth/social workers/leaders/NGO key staff
  • Be responsible, motivated and open to the new experience and learning opportunities
  • Be ready to contribute to the project implementation: share relevant knowledge and experience, organize a workshop, lead a session, etc
  • Be ready to implement the project results in further work

A good level of English is also required to participate in the activities and to communicate with other participants.

Participation fees

Participants will have to contribute 40 EUR fee, which the organisation’s stuff will collect in cash upon your arrival. The fee is necessary to organize the day, devoted to exploration of cultural and historical heritage and social community of Georgia.

Apart from that, the project is fully funded, so every travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Participants will also receive food and accommodation at a guest house in the center of Gonio. The association will provide 3 meals per day.

The dead line of the project is the 4th of August. Don’t miss this opportunity and apply here! 


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