How to Get The EU Covid Certificate in Italy as a Foreigner

Wondering how to get the EU Covid Certificate in Italy?

The EU Covid Certificate is now the rule in the European Union countries, at least to move from a territory to another. The rules may vary among the EU countries, but generally speaking the EU Covid Certificate is a requisite to move, travel and replace, to take public transportation and enter restaurants and bars. Again, the rules over the EU countries are still not homogeneous. So consider to check on the rules applying on the territory of your interest.

Therefore, if you are a participant to the European Solidarity Corps or will go on mobility under the Erasmus Plus programme and going to Italy for your project, you may be interested on how to get the EU Covid Certificate in Italy as a foreigner.

We have already been through the importance of the EU Digital Green Certificate in relation to traveling and moving across the European countries. According to it, we have collected the information to manage the EU Covid Certificate in Italy, especially if you are a foreigner living in the country for a long-term period and in need to get the certificate to carry on.

How to Get the EU Covid Certificate in Italy as a Foreigner

To begin with, visit the government website for the Covid Certificate.

eu covid certificate

You are eligible to get the Covid Certificate if you:

  • received the vaccine in Italy, even though just the first dose (in this case you will receive the EU Covid Certificate via SMS);
  • tested negative in the prior 48 hours (in this case you will have to insert the information released from the laboratory/health center/pharmacy that tested you);
  • fully recovered from Covid.

If you own a Health System National Card (Tessera Sanitaria), you will select “Utente provvisto di tessera sanitaria”.

If not, you need to tick on “Utente senza tessera sanitaria”. Please note that, a part from rare cases (for example, if you have a double citizenship), you will have to select the second option.

Tipologia documento fornito all’atto del tampone o della certificazione di guarigione“: select the identification document you used when you got your negative test or your full-recovery certification (Passport, ID, Driving license, other document).

Numero documento fornito all’atto del tampone o della certificazione di guarigione“: insert the number of the identification document you select in the first box.

Tipo codice“:

Select the code you have received when tested negative or recovered from Covid, and then insert the “Codice Identificativo“, so the number of such code.

Lingua della certificazione“: specify the language of the certification you own.

Then click on “Recupera la certificazione” to obtain your EU Covid Certificate.

Please note that if you’re asking for the Certification because you’ve already got the first dose vaccination, the Certificate will be valid for 15 days.

Further Information

Generally speaking, the Covid Certificate is released automatically after a negative test or after the vaccine, or if fully recovered from Covid. It is in digital and printable format.

When your Certification will be ready, you will receive a SMS or an email. Such message contains an authentication code (AUTHCODE) to use, for example on this platform to get your Certificate.

The Certificate contains a QR Code that you will be asked for where and when needed. It is available both in digital and printable version. It is totally free.

Until August 12th 2021 it is still possible to travel over Europe even without the EU Covid Certificate, but showing a certificate attesting a negative test or a full recovery or the vaccination.

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  • Timoyin Ejiofor
    22/09/2021 at 3:39 pm

    I had my 2 dose vaccine without my tessara sanitaria. I took the first dose in August and the last dose in September 16. I still haven’t gotten any sms or email on how to get my certificate. Please is there a way I can go about this

    12/10/2021 at 7:57 pm

    Good day Madam/sir

    I am Russell John Castillo from philipines ( seafarer ) i got vaccinated in genoa italy ( fully vaccinated of pfizer) i can’t get my QR code i need the QR Code now. how can i get it? please help me

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